Device  overview:
Device Usage Driver version Driver status Comment Nokia S/C Sagem S
MITEL SP5668 TUNER IC - done - Sat
MITEL SP5659 TUNER IC - done - Cable Sat
VES1893 FEC/Demod - done - Sat
VES1820 FEC/Demod - done - Cable
VES1993 FEC/Demod - - need datasheet (register description) Sat
AT76C651 FEC/Demod - - Cable
SEC CAM - 90% works - most of the time both -
AVIA GTX Framebuffer
- 90%
- both -
AVIA eNX Framebuffer
- 90%
- - both
AVIA 500/600 MPEG-Decoder - 90% works (with some problems) both -
SAA7126 Video-Encoder 0.1 done works both both
CXA2092 Audio/Video Switch 0.2 done works both
CXA2126 Audio/Video Switch 0.2 done works both
(Frontpanel Processor)
Remote Control



- done


should be done...

- both both
Modem (56k) Modem ;) - just works no drivers because it's just a serial port both -
Serial Port serial port - works (linux kernel) nothing to do for us... both -
Network (10BaseT) Ethernet - works (linux kernel) nothing to do for us here too (sehr witzig, hunz - DU musstest die config-bits ja nicht fixen :) both -
LCD (KS0713 or comp.) LCD 0.4 works we've some funny logos for the soft ;) both -
Flash (Kernel) Flash IC - - 1x INTEL640 (sagem),
2x INTEL320 (sagem no tests today),
2x AMD29DL323 (nokia),
2x INTEL320 (nokia)
[thx to JeyCol]
both Sat

Some additional notes:

AC3 - works
DISEqC works (the Frontpanel-processor does the timing for us) (sagem maybe? philips NOT (because i have no diseqc-equipment)
Teletext - work not yet started but OSD Teletext should work as well as exporoting the Teletext to the connected TV

The Processor itself and the I2C-Bus of course do work! (that's the base! and the linuxkernel does this for us (although we had to redo the ppc-i2c code) :))
The Linuxkernel also supports the serial ports (the 1st is on the SUB-D connector at the back of the box, the modem is connected to the 2nd)
So the modem needs no drivers - just talk to it via serial port

Something about standards and APIs:

We use the prensent standards and APIs as base for our drivers.
The Sound-driver for example uses the normal OSS-interface. (/dev/dsp, /dev/audio, /dev/mixer). That means that "normal" and "usual" Linux-apps will be able to play sound via the BOX. But the Sound-driver SUCK (at this time)!
The Framebuffer is just like the other Framebuffers in Linux. Pictureviewers and so on are possible that way. Also ALPHA-Blending and nice-looking GUIs are possible.
An accelerated driver is in work. BUT as *** SUCKS so no accelerated fb :/
The Infrared-Drivers (receiving and transmitting) will be/are LIRC-compatible (will they ever be completed?).
The Network will of course work via TCP/IP.
We will also make all the DVB-related Haardware kompatible to the DVB-API

Jul 2001 17 -tmbinc
Jan 2001 31 -gillem
update cxa2126
Jan 2001 21 -gillem
update cxa2126
Jan 2001 20 -gillem
update cxa2092
Jan 2001 16 -gillem
update cxa2092
Jan 2001 15 -gillem
update cxa2092
Dec 2000 03 -Hunz
1st status announce