Why are we doing this / why Linux ?

Well we want a stable open system with which we can get the maximum out of the Hardware.
We don't like static (and slow - we don't need Java interactivity ;)) soft which can't fullfill our personal wishes and needs.
Only a open system can give us these abilities so that we can code our own programs.

Who are we guys ?

Well you needn't know our identity (although Betaresearch probably knows already...) - we're just some coders who want to build their own soft which can fulfill our needs an wishes. That's the sense of OpenSource - code what you need and share it with the others so that it can become better through the work of a lot of people.
We are not interrested in cracking paytv (everyone of us has at least one Premiere World subscription) but having fun by coding useful stuff.
We also don't work for a company we do this all just for our personal fun !