It was in January, a half year after my 18. Birthday. My first car was a Volkswagen Golf II (front wheel drive) with 75 PS/HP and only with summer tires. I was very proud on it! At this time I had two jobs and worked on the weekends in a Disco. I got the job over my friend Diana who worked there also. The Disco was in the next city, approx. 60 km away. Diana lived there in her own flat in a suburb. She had no car.

When I drove to work this evening, the weather was still o.k.. It was dry and the roads were neither icy nor snow-covered. We always worked in the Disco from 8 o'clock in the evening until early in the morning.

Our prescribed "work clothes" were black high pumps and black miniskirts and white tight/short tops with the name of the discotheque on it. I wore a pantyhose, too. Diana not. I think we looked very sexy in our working uniform. Diana was really a hot looking 18 years young girl! She liked especially to dress up very sexy, because she liked to make all men crazy with her sexy kind. She was about 5'6" tall and had beautiful long dark brown hair. She also was nice tanned, because she often went to the sun bank. How I was looking like: I think you know me-the difference between now is that I was a few years younger and at this time my hair was much longer then now. It really reached to my hips!

This evening was very troubled. During the evening we heard again and again that it had dreadfully begun to snow and that there was lightning ice on the streets. Many people turned around on the parking lot because they wanted to wait till the snow-storm ended. But during the night we heard that the chaos diminished and the roads already were freed again with strewing cars.

Against 5.00 o'clock we finished work. I had promised Diana to drive her home as usually. The air outside was clear and cold and the snow stopped. The way up to the car was easy and without problems, since the parking lot was covered with gravel. We were a little bit afraid of having problems with the ice and snow, but we were so glad to finally have end of workday and to sit in the car.

First we drove completely carefully from the parking lot and onto the next main street. Here everywhere the roads were vacated. The snow lay in small hills besides the streets. I noticed when driving that the road was slippery, but I drove slowly and it went well forward. The further we drove on the main street through the city, the safer we felt. Finally the car got warm inside and we were in a good mood. At the next gas station I had to hold. Diana had to buy bread and Coca Cola, because she hadn't bought it during the day. Then we drove on. I said to Diana: "What a luck! A few hours before we probably would had driven in a traffic chaos. Now everything is calm and peaceful again." We made ourselves no concerns at all that we still could get problems somewhere and laughed.

Then I had arrived at Dianas suburb and bent into the first roads. Here it became a little more slippery again. But I drove slowly and paid attention to steer calmly and in time into the curves. Everything ran well. Until we in-bent into the road, where Diana lived. When bending into the road we saw that it was not vacated. The whole road was covered with snow, but not high only approx. 5 cm. I was not afraid because I thought it would be easier to drive on the snow than on a smooth slippery road. But the further I drove into the road, the more I felt that it was very, very slippery and the tires revved up already violently. Then I stopped in front of Dianas house.

But she said: "Why don't you first turn here to drive back?" "Oh, yes, OK!" I answered. Then I drove further forward, in order to turn at the end of the road in a semi-circle. I drove completely slowly, but it became even more slippery. I felt, how the tires revved and hardly had traction on the ground. Although I pushed the gas pedal completely down, the car moved even slower. Then I only heard the sound of the spinning tires on the snow... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. and the car didn't moved one more meter. Diana and I became a little jerky and began to slip on our seats back and forth. I put in the reverse gear and tried to drive backwards, the only thing what happened was again the sound of the spinning tires: "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"... Hhhhmmm, I thought, I probably would have made something wrong. The car didn't move! I thought, it would be my fault because of the fact that I was not used to drive on snow and slippery roads. Probably I only made a stupid driving error. So I continued to try….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... I was convinced that if I made it only correctly, I would come out of this situation. Again I inserted the forward gear and steered straightforward. Then I tried to start completely slowly by remaining a little on the clutch and giving completely carefully gas with my pumps. I heard the engine and again a quiet ssssssssss, ssssssssss, ssssssssssss. However I had the feeling, the car would move a little and I would be outside in a few seconds. So I went from the gas and tried again to start slowly and carefully. The car actually moved, but unfortunately only a little sideways. "Damn!!" I shouted while I was pushing at the steering wheel. It did not have a sense. So I tried the same in the reverse gear. I thought that the car moved a little at all, would be a good indication and continued to try. But it did not help. I said to Diana: "We are stuck I think. We are really stuck" while I tried to move the car from the place. Diana and I became completely quiet. I thought, if I only would concentrate enough, were considered and would make everything correct, then we would be fast outside. I was so much concentrated and probably only from time to time muttered something like: "Shit … Come on …Please …!" Diana was probably quiet, because she noticed how concentrated I was.

Now we looked at each other and didn't know what to do. I had tried several times to drive forward, backwards and sideways - without any success. We were totally stuck in the snow. At least it was pretty warm in the car. Now I asked Diana: "Do you have any idea what I should do??" But since she had no driving license yet, she didn't know either. I was still completely surprised, that we got in such a situation. I couldn't imagine this before. Therefore I could not yet believe it. Because I didn't want to step out into the snow, I tried it again. I put in the forward gear and tried to push the gas pedal fast and heavily. Who knows, perhaps that could bring us out here. My pumps were squeezing the gas pedal to the metal zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… But I only heard the engine revving up and the snow squirting away. Now I smelted for the first time in my life the smell of the "burning tires" and of the "melting clutch". But I continued to try. This time in the reverse gear. During this I then tried to steer in different directions. I thought that the tires perhaps would find another place with sufficiently firm snow, where they would have traction again. I shouted to my VW: "Come on! Please, baby-bring me out of this!!!", but the only answer I got from it was :"zzzzzzzzzz" But it did not help anything. Now I started to swear louder. I remembered that I already could lie in my bed now for a time. I was suddenly very tired. Diana also. We simply had no more desire to be stuck at all. We were frustrated that we were stuck there. I had still a long way home. Diana was actually at home. Perhaps she had a bad conscience that I got stuck on the way driving her home. However she remained the whole time with me in the car while I was trying to free it. Now I stopped the engine. We leaned back in our seats. I was angry and despaired at the same time.

I said to Diana: "What a holy shit!" (or something similar in German :-)…). That can't be possible! We are totally stuck! What should we do now?" We remembered, what the guests of the Disco had reported a few hours before. We were rather frustrated, but actually we felt still comfortable. Nevertheless we were together and sat in a warm car. Outside it became already slowly brightly. It was early in the morning and all people slept. The roads were completely empty at this time. That made the scene somehow terribly and unreal at the same time. There was nobody, which we could ask for help or to tow us out of the snow!

Then Diana made a great suggestion: "Hey, what do think? I try to push the car while you try to drive us out of this?" "Woow! Great idea!" I said. "Do you really want to do this?" "YES!" Diana answered. OK-that sounded nice in my ears. I started to hope again and felt already better. "That must work!!!" I thought. Then Diana stepped out. That was however already more difficult than expected. We had not considered that it was icy outside and we would not have grip with our pumps. Directly with the first step Diana nearly would have slipped, but she could hold herself on the doorframe. On the way to the back of the car she groped along the car with both hands. During this I started the engine again. I was glad that I could sit in the warm car. Diana was larger than I and wore the flatter shoes. In any case she would push the car better than I could do that.

When I saw that Diana had arrived at the back, I began again to push the gas pedal completely slowly and carefully and Diana tried to push the car out. But she simply slipped away with her shoes on the ice. Instead of that she could pushed the car forward, she just pushed herself backwards. Diana tried to find some grip with her pumps on the snow. Then we tried it again. "Come on!!!", I shouted. Again with the same result: The car didn't move a millimeter. But instead Diana moved even more. This way it didn't make a sense. Diana returned and sat down into the car. I stopped the engine again.

Diana was exhausted and her face was completely red because of the cold outside. But she seemed to be encouraged again. I felt even more despaired and frustrated. I was totally annoyed, because I felt so helpless. I didn't control my car any longer, because I did not know, what I should do. And in addition I thought: "Great! I am stuck here and my boyfriend lies at home in bed and waits (… or probably just sleeps …). He would certainly know what to do. He wouldn't have such problems and will laugh at me." That my boyfriend waited for me at home was the reason why I absolutely wanted to drive home. (The next day I thought: "Why haven't I called him from Dianas flat and told him I'm fine and I will sleep at Diana. But I didn't got this idea before!) Diana said: "That's enough! This way it will not work. With this shoes I have no grip at all on the snow. I go up into my flat and change shoes. Then I come back and we will try it again, Ok??!!" Diana was great! I was so relieved! I asked whether I should help her, because it was so icy outside. So we could give each other some hold.

That was quite a funny slide portion. Just like in the ice skating stadium-but with pumps! We held on together and went completely carefully. With each step rolled either she or I and we fell down nearly each meter. But we also had fun. We screamed, when we slipped and laughed. We had still been able to hold each other.
Outside in the fresh air I started to feel better. Finally we arrived at her house.

Unfortunately none of Dianas shoes fitted me, because she had much larger feet than I. But she changed her shoes and put on a tight jeans, while I was waiting. The way back to the car went already much better, because this time Diana had good grip with her boots and had only to help me.

After arriving at the car I sat in again and started it, while Diana went to the back in order to push. Now we tried it again. I inserted the first gear and pushed the gas pedal down -- again carefully while Diana pushed. "Come on, now!" I screamed! First we heard again only the wheels revving up zzzzzz…and then suddenly, the car moved slowly a little forward. Because of this surprise Diana stopped to push and the car stood again. But now we were encouraged. It went forward-that was a good sign for us! We tried it again. I gave gas and Diana pushed as hard as she can. And again the car went forward for a piece. Then I tried it alone. I started again slowly. I thought, now the car is outside the worst. But it didn't work yet. So Diana had to push again. But this time we kept the car slow in motion. I remained on the gas. Suddenly I drove the car completely without help. I saw in the rear view mirror that Diana stopped to push. I drove! Completely slowly and carefully, I tried to drive and turn the curve now. Before getting stuck I remained with the turning maneuver. And it worked! I drove a large semi-circle. Completely slowly. I was jubilant internally! Yippiehhhhhhhh!!! I drove on. "Don't stop!" I thought. "Please, continue …!" "Yes, c'mon!!!". I was afraid to get stuck again. I drove to the end of the road, where this led into the main street again. The main street was free of ice and snow!

There I stopped. I stepped out and went back. Diana came to meet me. We fell each other into the arms and laughed. I was so glad to be finally be outside. Diana was proud on the fact that she had managed it to push me out there. Suddenly we were no longer tired at all! I thanked her cordially and waited till she had disappeared into her house. Then I set into the car and drove myself home.

Now I was naturally particularly careful, because I did not want that such a thing happens to me again. Once in the evening was enough! But the way home on the strewn roads ran without further incidents and I was lucky to be finally at home.

Finally I found this stuck adventure very exciting. First we were angry and despaired. But later it was rather adventurous and even funny. Owing to my friend I didn't had fear. And owing to her I finally got unstuck there! Later we remembered gladly this adventure again and again and laughed. Afterwards I found it very exciting. And I remember now gladly the noise of the wheels on the snow and ice. If I hear today such a similar noise, I must smile. But unfortunately at that time I had no leisure to enjoy it. In addition we were much too excited.

Since this day I often got in difficult situations on icy and snowy streets. Once I drove against a lantern and another time almost nearly. But today I have not so much fear in this situations. If such a thing happens to me, I find it exciting. In addition I like the feeling of the slipping tires on the snow. It is somehow a funny feeling. But those are all different stories again...

Maybe next time I will tell one of the others …!