Mon Oct 15 22:43:34 2001tmbinc

Today we had a lot of trouble.

I apologize for the downtime and all the spread roumours.


We, the linux-on-dbox2-team, aren't intereseted in any way in illegal things.

We always thought of the streamhack as a bad joke, some of you remember that bad joke of "shimada66", who tried to get money for releasing a fake-streamhack which should descramble all services.
If you take a quick look on the keylen of the scrambling process, you'll see astonishing 64bits (or 48, if you want it that way). If you would bruteforce them, an get 1 key/cycle (off course it needs MUCH MORE TIME), on a 66MHz-Processor, it will take ... tadaa.. 50days for 90s of data.

wow. how realistic.

another thing are known algorithms together with known keys. it's a simple task to put the things together, althought you need a descrambling device. it should be noted that this is ILLEGAL, since the keys are trade secrets, which are protected by law.

now the rumour was spread that a company (we don't have ANY details, sorry) is selling patched dbox2 which includes some code to emulate smartcards. we don't know what exactly they do, but i don't want to be in their skin (oder wie das auf englisch heisst) - it's ILLEGAL.

off course it's illegal too to make any money with our software, we said this before. but they don't care at all, they just destroy our project.

Mon Sep 17 13:53:56 2001kju

Please note that there is another linux@dbox2 project under the name tuxxdvb. The main (and to our knowledge only) developer tries to show us as bad people by hosting some logs from the #dbox2 irc channel where people are talking about pirate card etc. He tries to tell you, that this would be evidence that tuxbox developers are using pirate cards.

This is utter nonsense! Please note that all the people talking about pirate cards in these logs are _not_ members of the tuxbox-project. We, the tuxbox-Developers absolutely discourage the usage of pirate cards and pirating television programs. If you watch the program, pay for it!

Don't damn us for actions done by tuxbox-users. We cannot control what users do and currently do not try to detect pirate cards. We may add this feature later, but remember in a open source project everyone is free to remove such limitations.

So all we can do is ask our users to be fair: Pay for the program you watch!

Fri Jul 20 23:40:05 2001tmbinc


I just want to remind you that there is a new version of the dbox2-bootmanager out, you can get it on It's made by field.

So update your links (the link in derget's faq points to an old version)

Fri Jul 20 22:25:26 2001gillem

Now we have a forum for all users :)

Tue Jul 17 00:16:16 2001tmbinc

There are more and more people who grumble about this site and the lack of updates.

We HAVE new and exciting screenshots, but they are all of the applications running on the dbox2 - not the linux-system itself (as you migh know, a bare linux has nothing that is flashy and colourfull).
This site mainly deals about the base-system, and we're somehow BEYOND that stuff - the main drivers are working, only minor fixes are still left (and some major stuff - but you aren't really interested, aren't you?).
It isn't so much "low level" anymore as some of you might think.

So this is the reason for the lack of new screenshots on this site.

Now it's the time of the applications, which'll make the system life and colourful. (think of a dos-disk with io.sys, msdos.sys and - perfectly working, but - where do you want to make screenshots?)

There are (at least) two approaches of this, Mcclean's neutrinoNG which already has all major features we need for zapping (better take a look for yourself, he has a nice dbox2-page), or the well-known (?) EliteDVB.

It's now up to you! Install the software you want and you don't need anymore static SCREENSHOTS. YOU will be able to make you own screenshots.


Sun Jul 15 05:28:27 2001tmbinc

Thanks to derget, we now have a first BETA flash image.

get it here, an installation manual can be found here.

(no excuses)

get it here, too.

Sun Jul 1 23:25:44 2001kju

There are obscure companies out there who offer to install linux into your dbox. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE! these are rip-off guys. they have done NOTHING for the linux@dbox2 effort and only try to make the quick money. These people are scum! Do not buy from the same criminals who make money by selling pirate cards etc. Do not support such folks. Remember that you can thank Premiere World for a cheap digital receiver which you would have otherwise paid up to thousand mark. Do not destroy Premiere by pirating their program or supporting scum who helps pirating their program.

Remember: The members of the tuxbox project have invested thousands of hours of their private time to bring linux to the dbox. We have done that to have fun and give the public a nice way to get a better software on the box. We didn't charge or got money for this and we do not intend to. These companies try to make money by taking our work and selling it for big money to you. The installations of linux on the dbox isn't worth the hundreds of mark these sucker bill you! These companies and individuals haven't helped us, don't give any of this money to us or support us in any way. They do not deserve any money for the tuxbox-project! We won't say anything against a rather small fee for the service (say 20-30 DM) but charging 200-300 DM is RIP-OFF!

Sun May 27 23:14:34 2001waldi

fastest way to kill your dbox: new dbox2 howto für v1.6 released (beta)

Sun May 6 01:30:54 2001hunz


Fri Apr 27 00:38:09 2001kju

Links in Software Section updated. Tiab and related files now hosted at sourceforge.

Sat Mar 31 09:33:41 2001gillem

update software section

Wed Mar 21 22:56:09 2001hunz

well the green bars have been removed maybe i'll upload a status update tomorrow

Tue Mar 20 13:56:54 2001tmbinc

new howto released: version 1.32

Wed Mar 14 21:29:14 2001gillem

new howto released: version 1.31

Wed Mar 14 12:32:21 2001hunz

since DiSEqC, Satellite & Cable and Premiere World finally works (still devel!) i decided to give some screenshots to let you see it works and is possible what we write and wanna do - EPG is still in work - DOOM needs some code-optimisations for a better framerate and so on
also the GUI you see in the screenshots is NOT final thats a quick n dirty solution :)

yet we have

26496 lines of C code
12112 lines of C++ code
and 31116 lines of header files

Tue Mar 13 00:17:47 2001gillem

- new released: version 1.4 final (add sagem + amd support)

- new/old pics from sagem flash microchips:
1 Flashchip
2 Flashchip

- some lines from #dbox2 irc channel *ggg*: IRC

Wed Feb 28 20:19:29 2001hunz

new howto released: version 1.3

Thu Feb 22 11:19:01 2001gillem

2.4.2 Linux Kernel + Kernelpatch @ berlios

Tue Feb 13 23:07:35 2001gillem

new DBoxII-Howto release DBoxII Howto 1.23

Tue Feb 13 04:32:31 2001gillem

2.4.1 Linux Kernelpatch @ berlios ftp

Tue Feb 13 04:02:48 2001hunz

We had a weekend downtime :\
But now we're back ;) thanx to mAsq && Anarchy for bringing up the server again and all the guys who didn't spam me via icq because of the downtime *g*

Thu Feb 8 23:56:26 2001hunz

You may download the current version of the Linux based dbox2 Firmware here at berlios from the public CVS
(THE SOFTWARE ISN'T YET THERE!! be patient we'll probably check the soft (only drivers til now) in in the next days)

AND NOOO!! You can't just download it, upload it into the box and watch TV !
You need experience with CVS, a cross-compile environment in Linux and so on.
You won't get lucky with this software yet unless are a Linux-coder !

At this point some LEGALE-stuff:


all other version from other sites are not the real linux dbox2 software
you also shouldn't use binaries from other sites than this one you know there are evil things like trojans, virii and so on out there


have a look at the GPL LICENSE and you'll find out that binary only patches/add ons are prohibited
also we want to add good patches/add ons to the official software tree so you're welcome to contribute !
we won't tolerate illegal patches that may give you the possibility to watch paytv without subscription !
If you mess around in such a way with our soft or do binary-only stuff we may (and maybe will) take legal actions against you! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!

Tue Feb 13 23:07:47 2001hunz

new DBoxII-Howto release DBoxII Howto 1.22

Thu Feb 1 00:17:44 2001gillem

compiled Linux Kernel 2.4.1 available ;-)

Tue Jan 23 00:12:56 2001gillem

new DBoxII-Howto release ;-) DBoxII Howto 1.03

Mon Jan 22 23:09:26 2001gillem

new HOWTO released DBoxII Howto 1.02

Sun Jan 21 14:25:53 2001gillem

compiled Linux Kernel 2.4.0 available

Fri Jan 5 16:32:29 2001hunz

The AViA 500 MPEG Decoder now works! I can now watch videostreams.

PID, Transponder et al. is all hardcoded into the driver *g*

off course this will change.

Fri Jan 5 05:52:12 2001hunz

Updated About and added FAQ.

We won't answer any further stupid questions already answered in the FAQ.

Fri Jan 5 03:38:14 2001hunz

Linux Kernel 2.4.0 finally has been released tonight !! :))
So all you guys out there be happy and have (installation-)parties! ;)

Wed Jan 3 16:38:20 2001hunz

OK here's the promised update !
Have fun!

I'll build an archive for the old news some day...