Here is a comparisation between the original d-Box-2-software "Betanova" and the Linux-Software:
Feature Description Betanova 2 Version 1.6 Linux-on-dbox2
bootup-speed time from power-on to "ready"-state up to 3 minutes around 15 seconds
FTA ability to play free-to-air programs 99% works (viva for example NOT with my box) OK
CA ability to descramble various conditional-access systems Only Betacrypt Only Betacrypt
Digital Output (PCM) ability to output a PCM-stream OK OK
Digital Output (AC3) ability to output an AC3-stream (without decoding) OK (theoretically - no support in pzap)
Playback of MPEG2 ability to play mpeg2 from the network N/A (theoretically - no program yet)
zap time time to zap from one channel to another 2s to 5s <1s
DiSEqC ability to use all available sattelites buggy OK (including positioners)
LCD navigation use the software with LCD navigation only impossible OK
user customization custom configuration of the UI VERY hard and boring (own bouqet) fully customizable
radio@mp3 ability to record radio.mp3 N/A record and play (play untested)
own bootup logo your girlfriend as a bootup logo N/A (at least not officially supported) no problem
Internet Browsing ability to browse through the internet N/A (altought promised) (theoretically YES - nobody wanted yet)
IP-over-DVB ability to receive internet data via DVB N/A (altought promised?) OK (but not tested)
flexibility ability to do anything else N/A (altought promised) OK
games ability to play decent games "Clock-Race" doom, all gameboy-games, some ascii-games
stability ability to RUN some crashes reported seems to be ok
harddisk recording ability to record stream via the build-in network adaptor N/A OK
hack-value ability to do anything which was never supposed THAT way (legally, off course) NOTHING AT ALL VERY HIGH
installation the act of putting the software into the dbox no problem at all! (just needs some time, but hey, it's just 66 Mhz!) impossible for a mortal
GUI ability to be used by a lamer no problem at all!
uuh almost impossible


So in the end, the linux software is almost unusable at the moment, because you can't just zap and watch TV.
You know, these linux guys never see what we REALLY need, they just implement stupid things like DOOM etc., and they still haven't made any real GUI.
In my eyes nobody will need the features they offer. we all just want to watch tv, you know, because that's what the dbox was made for and for what we paid.
I heard, you even need a PC always running to use the linux-software! You even have to type in (!!) the names of the programs you want to watch, using a cryptic "pzap"-program.
I even heard that you have to SHORTCUT something while the installation!

In my eyes, don't even think of risking your dbox for such a stupid project!

BetaResearch is working hard of improving the software for our needs. In some weeks or so it'll be ready and it will be better than anything else made by these "hackers".