Green Flower Strip

Now I'd like to find you!

I'm lonely and need a nice man to fulfill my life.
A gentle man. Someone who will look after me.
I'm sure we can have some fun either way.
I like having pen-friends too.

I really love flowers,
these are across the street from my place.

I love my garden too.
I like to get changed on a hot day
and put on my swimsuit and go for a dip.
Sometimes I seem to get quite HOT!

I've been single for way too long now, and
I'd love to meet a nice person who wants the same
things in life as I do. So if you think that could be you,
please, come and find me. In my profile it tells you which chat
rooms I hang out in, plus gives you all my personal contact details.

Just come here and search for
hotjennypics. To get access to ALL my
sexiest pics then
come here and search for my profile page. You'll have to join
up to find
them but it's free and only takes a few minutes. I'm sure you will
both places anyway even if you don't like me. They're hot places
- have
a look. I'd hate for anyone to leave here dissapointed.
No we can't have that now can we? :-)
I really hope
that you visit me real soon. I'll be waiting!

Okay then, goodbye for now.
Love and fun...xxxx
... Jenny ;-)

get it... he he :-)

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Green Flower Strip