We are in Las Vegas and have finished loading the truck. We check into our room, get cleaned up and relax for just a little while. Then we go down to the dinner show. It's so good to be with you and I want to touch you and kiss you and I can't keep my hands off you. But we're both really hungry and the show if fun so I try very hard to behave and keep my hand out of your lap. After a couple of drinks the hand is winning so the minute the show is over we head for the room.

I am so hungry for you. As soon as we are in the room and the door is closed, I want you to take me in your arms and kiss me. I could kiss you for hours - you taste so good and your lips feel so good against mine. You leave my lips to nibble on my neck and ears and you send shivers all through me. I put my hands between us and unbutton your shirt as we continue to kiss. You reach up under my shirt and unhook my bra, then slide your hands to the front of me and place your palms against my breasts. We move slightly apart so we can shrug out of our shirts, then you pull me against you and I can't tell if I am feeling your heartbeat or my own as my breasts press against your chest. Our mouths come together again and our hands work to free each other from the rest of our clothing.

We move to the bed and you sit on the edge holding me in front of you. You stroke my breasts, teasing my nipples and making them hard. Then you take a nipple into your mouth, flicking your tongue over it, sending waves of warmth through me. You move your mouth to the other breast as you slide a hand down over my belly and between my thighs. You draw the nipple into your mouth so I can barely feel your teeth on it, and at the same time you push a finger into the moist warm center of me. It's like a symphony of sensations and I am nearly dizzy with the joy of it.

You ease me down onto the bed beside you, keeping your hand cupped against me and you slip another finger inside. I reach to find your cock and wrap my fingers around it. It feels so warm and smooth and hard. There are so many things I want to do with you and to you, and there will be time later for more play, but right now I just want to feel that beautiful cock deep and hard inside me. You move over me and I spread my legs for you as you enter me. I wrap my legs around you pulling you in even deeper and arching up against you to meet every thrust. God, you feel so good in me. You push my legs down, trapping them under yours, and it feels like all the air is being sucked out of the room as we meld in an explosive orgasm that leaves us both breathless and weak.

Finally we separate and you move to lie beside me. I get you a nice soft warm wash cloth and wash all the stickiness away before snuggling up in your arms. We kiss and talk some more for awhile before we drift into sleep. But only for a few hours because I want to wake you up and do delightful things to your wonderful body.


We are sleeping after making love. I wake up all turned on after a couple of hours and want to make love again but you are still sleeping. I try kissing you, cuddling with you, rubbing your back, feather stroking your chest and stomach, practically crawling on top of you, but you are dead. You are curled up on your side and it takes me several minutes and lots of perseverence to ease you over onto your back. I try kissing you all over -- face, neck, chest, ribs, stomach, thighs -- and no response. I rub my breasts all over you -- and nothing. Finally, I just ignore all the rest of you and take your lifeless cock into my mouth. It is warm and sweet and I draw it deeply into my mouth, sucking and tongue stroking, and soon it begins to respond, but you are still asleep. And you are so smooth and feel so damn good in my mouth. And still you sleep. I feel thirsty but don't want to leave the bed. There is an ice bucket on the night stand and it still has some pieces of ice that haven't melted away. I take my mouth off of you long enough to suck on some tiny ice cubes, but I keep my hand wrapped around your cock, massaging and stroking, and I feel you beginning to awaken. You make soft sleepy sounds and reach out to touch me but you are still nearly asleep. The instant the last ice cube melts in my mouth I slide my icy lips down over your very warm cock and draw it into my frigid mouth. Now you are awake! The shock of the iciness against your hot flesh is more stimulating than disturbing. My mouth quickly begins to warm as your heat meets and overcomes the cold. Before the temperature evens out, I straddle you and slide down over you taking you deep into the hot wet center of me. You arch up to meet me and I move to feel you as deep as I can. You pull me down against you and we roll over so you are on top of me and we intertwine in a blaze of lust till we are both totally satisfied, sated, and exhausted.