We're at my house and it's a very warm evening. We're sitting out on the deck, talking and cuddling in a soft cushy lawn swing. There is just a tiny sliver of a moon, but the stars are bright in a cloudless sky. It's late and very quiet and very dark. We decide to play in the pool for a few minutes before going in the house. We quickly undress and slip into the water.

I love the feel of sliding my hands over your body in the water. It's so nice that I want to slide my whole body against you. I rub my boobs against your back and move around you to rub them against your chest. You cup them in your hands, enjoying the way they float. I wiggle against you and feel your cock responding. You put your hand under my chin and tip my face up and kiss me so sweetly that I think my bones are melting. You put your hands on my butt and lift me up so your cock slips between my thighs. I wrap my legs around your waist and put my arms around your shoulders. You lift me just a bit higher in the water, allowing your cock to move up against me, then you lower me, impaling me ... slowly, excitingly ... never taking your lips from mine.

Our bodies fit together so wonderfully -- you fill me and I surround you. The slightest movement is magnified by the movement of the water and you very quickly bring me to an explosive orgasm. Good thing all the neighbors are sleeping!

I'm weak and breathless and we get out of the pool and lie down on the deck on the air mattress -- the kind you float on in the pool. You are lying on your back and I lean over you, kissing you on your lips, your face, your throat, down the center of your chest, circling your navel, down over your stomach, brushing lightly over your cock and moving to your thighs. The whole time I'm leaving a trail of kisses down the length of your body, I'm also brushing your skin with my breasts and my nipples are hard and swollen from touching you.

I take soft little nips at your inner thighs, easing your legs apart so I can move between them, sort of sitting back on my feet. I place my hands on the mattress on each side of you and lean forward to take you in my mouth. It takes some manoevering because I am only using my mouth and not touching you with my hands. You are so delicious and hard and smooth and I am so hungry for you. I slide my mouth down over the length of you, sucking you deep into my mouth, then tongue stroking back to the tip. Then drawing you in again, working my lips and tongue over every delicious inch, sucking, licking, loving the feel and the taste of you. You are so hard and so big now. I move my legs outside yours so I can take you inside me and I slide down over you so slowly it is almost torture because I want to feel it all.

I lean back, placing my hands on the mattress behind me, next to your legs. By rocking my hips just a bit, I can feel you in places I'm not usually even aware of. I can't really tell where I end and you begin. There is a feeling of merging that is incredibly sexy. You have your hands on my breasts and you're gently rubbing your thumbs over my nipples, setting my bodu on fire. I lean forward to kiss you and you roll us over so you are on top.

We don't lose our connection and you thrust deep and hard into me. I push up against you, inviting you to get as deep as you can. You pull away until you almost withdraw from me and then you plunge deep into the moist heat of me again and again and again, until the final thrust, deep and hard, as you hold me tight and I feel the hot throbbing of your orgasm.

On that note, I'm going to bed and will probably relive the whole fantasy as I go to sleep.