Dear Host4net Customer,

The former owner of Host4net passed away the end of December. Virtual Pages INC. is pleased to be your new Web Hosting provider. It is our goal to provide every customer with reliable, customized Web Hosting designed to meet the requirements of the individual as well as any web-based business.

To ensure continued and uninterrupted service to you, we ask that you take a brief moment and update the Customer Service Form located at This will allow us to both smooth the transition and provide the services you require for all your hosting needs. You will receive the same quality service you have been accustomed to.

If you are a credit card customer, please note that your billing statement will show Premier Marketing, Inc. until the name on the merchant account is changed to Host4net. Also be aware that due to the difficulties in transferring all the customer records, you will be billed for two months this time. The records could not be transferred in time to get last month's billing done.

If you have any questions email us at Additionally, you may contact us at Virtual Pages, INC. by mail at the address below, or by phone at 1-704-795-0079. Information may also be faxed to (931) 431-7058.

Virtual Pages, INC.

PO Box 10003

Clarksville, TN 37042

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. Virtual Pages, INC. looks forward to serving you and providing all of your Web Hosting requirements.