Who is Premier Services
(According to Premier Services)
Taken from Premier Services Internal Marketing Letter

Premier Marketing, INC. is a web-based business currently in its fifth year of operation. What began as a simple home-based business has grown and matured into a prominent internet marketing and internet business consulting firm. Premier Marketing currently has clients throughout the continental United States and a host of International customers.

Innovative thinking saw the business potential of the internet early on. Premier Marketing is a pioneer in the E-Commerce explosion that is simply redefining the modern market place. With USA Today reporting that E-Commerce revenues will exceed $980 Billion in the next three years, few businesses's that wish to succeed are without a www.business.com address.

This is where Premier Marketing comes into play. Everyone is trying to cash in on this tremendous potential. The problem lies in the fact that normal, very sound business practices, don't always work in the fast paced world of cyber space. Business succeeds or fails with the click of a mouse button. This is the concept behind the business; opening the doors to cyber space and smoothing the transition into these infinite markets.

The majority of customers are either new to the Internet, established but achieving minimal results, or looking for ways to reach the 20 million news customers annually. Whatever the case, Premier Marketing can guide or advise each business with customized plans that have resulted in millions of dollars in revenue. With the experience of time, watching what works and what doesn't, desire and thinking outside the box, this strictly word of mouth business has grown exponentially with both the assets and know how to meet future business requirements.

Having exceeded $400,000 in gross profits in 1999, Premier Marketing continues to grow with slightly over $200,000 in total revenue for the first two months of 2000. Revenue is generated in two ways; first, by charging flat fees for specific services, or secondly, as is more often the case, by taking a small percentage of the business generated as a result of the marketing efforts of Premier Marketing. Their growth ensures everyone is successful.

There is no end to the E-Commerce rush in sight. This market frenzy and realignment will ensure that Premier Marketing will continue to grow for years to come.

So what does that mean to the Internet?  In a word....spam, and lots of it!