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Named Defendants

Andrew Thomas McLaughlin mclaughlin.orange.ca.us/~andrew
Andrew Bunner www.sharedlib.org/decss.zip
John V. Kew www.logorrhea.com/deCSS.html
Scott Karlins www.theresistance.net/files.html
Glenn Rosenblatt www.pzcommunications.com/decss/main.html
Dale Emmons www.frozenlinux.com/civ/decss
Emmanuel Goldstein www.2600.com/news/1999/1112.html
Douglas R. Winslow douglas.min.net/~drw/css-auth
Jonathan Blank caspian.twu.net/dvd
Roger Kumar www.bigteam.org
Robert Jones www.dev.zero.org/freecss.html
En Hong www.dvd-digest.com
Matthew Robert Pavolich www.livid.on.openprojects.net
Ian A. Gulliver www.gullii.stu.rpi.edu/dvd
Jon Hanson www.jonhanson.com/dvd
David M. Chan www.dumn.edu/~dchan/css
Cameron Simpson www.zip.com.au/~cs
Tom Vogt www.lemuria.org/DeCSS
Cyril Amsellem www.dvd-area.com
Thorsten Fenk tasam.com/~fenkt/dvd
Adrian Baugh merlin.kebble.ox.ac.uk/~adrian/css/mirrors.html

Doe defendants

DVD CCA also sued over 500 unnamed individuals. About 70 websites were named, but the suit also contains the interesting paragraph:

DVD CCA is unaware of the true names and/or capacities of the defendants sued herein under the fictitious names Does 1-500, pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure Section 474, who each were responsible in some way for the acts and omissions complained of herein.

In other words: We know nothing about them (including whether or not they exist at all), but let's sue them anyways.

To help DVD CCA a bit, copyleft.net Lemuria.org have created the Become A Doe (BAD) contest. Here you can turn yourself in if you believe that you "were responsible in some way for the acts and omissions" of DeCSS. :-)