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Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 16:04:44 -0500
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          Notice is hereby given pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure,

section 527(c), California Rule of Court 379, and Local Rule 1.3.5 of the Santa

Clara Superior Court of the State of California that the DVD Copy Control

Association, Inc. ("DVD CCA") is filing an ex parte application for the issuance

of a Temporary Restraining Order and an Order to Show Cause re: Preliminary

Injunction in Department 2, 9 or 12 of the Superior Court of Santa Clara County,

State of California, on December 29, 1999, at 8:30 a.m.  The address of the

Court is 191 North First Street, San Jose, CA.  A Complaint will be filed no

later than 8:30 a.m. on that day and the matter will be assigned either to

Department 2, 9, or 12.  A representative of DVD CCA will be outside all three

departments and will identify himself to you as a representative of DVD CCA.

          The Application will seek to enjoin you (and those working with or for

you) from making any further use or otherwise disclosing or distributing on your

web site or elsewhere, or linking to other web sites which disclose, distribute

or link to, any proprietary information or property or trade secrets of DVD CCA,

including, but not limited to, DeCSS or any program which includes proprietary

information which is designed to, or enables one to, decrypt data on DVD discs.

          DVD CCA will provide you with further Notice at your web site address,

and to the extent that we know it, to your street address via the United States

postal system, of the Order issued by the Court regarding DVD CCA
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?s Application

for a Temporary Restraining Order, including the dates of any further h=

set by the Court.

          Please find, as an attached file, the Complaint being filed a=

you both in English and in the language of the country in which your we=
b site

appears to be based.


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