2.8.4 (1) a quick change added to conf.c by moomoomoo to fix a major bug and tide us over until the 3.0.0 version is ready for public release. 2.8.2 (1) Coded in channel watching code for docking. (2) Coded a new line parsing system (3) Coded a new system for the client lists, maybe it will fix some bugs (4) implemented docking, still very beta though /detach password /resume FD password (5) rewrote some of the inner workings, hope this fixed some bugs. (6) rewrote config file format, now uses real words (listen xxx) read example.conf for details. Old format will still work. 2.6.4 (1) Coded my own Atoi trying to solve some weird bug where ppl would put a number in there conf file and get completely different results. (2) Moved around the identwd code, added some bug fixes. Should stop a crash bug on users on an nfs system. (3) Fixed a shutdown bug related to clients that leave before bnc knows who they are by ignoring SIGPIPE. (4) Added a feature to try to guess why the SELECTERR happens, maybe we won't get as many shutdowns related to that. (5) Changed bncsetup, little more able to live if you don't have dialog (6) BNC now watches your nickname, experimental code to help developing irc docking, maybe someday you can leave your nick on the net while you leave. (7) Wow, some people do read the README file, updated it mildly to reflect current program status. 2.6.2 (1) Fixed delinking bug that was bouncing cpu usage to 100% (ick) (2) made bnc able to handle commands, while on irc. (3) cleanup, memory reductions (4) added BMSG as a test level command, don't expect much from it at this stage (5) added PRE as a test level command. (prefixed raw echo) 2.6.0 (1) Added more verbose /quote help (2) Changed MAIN, now can be used to bypass PASS if your superpass is correct. (3) Motd is now only showed when user is fully connected, and supervisors don't have to see it. (4) Help system no longer shows admin commands, unless your connected as a supervisor (5) DIE and BDIE bug fixes. (6) Changed socket and log printing system. replaced a log point that was not working correctly. (7) Changed handlers for socket data, reducing structure handling code. (8) Fixed a lot of potential string based overflows. Reduced memory requirements for users. (9) Changed handlers for pre-connected commands, code speedup and beginnings for planned future expansions. (10) Changed configure parts, increasing portability? (11) Fixed up the autocon feature, now works when only PASS:SERVER (12) Added KEEPALIVE to command list, returns you to bnc when an irc server closes you. (13) Changed BWHO status routine. (14) Changed password parser, recoded autoconn routines, removed autoconn memory wasters from the client. (15) Recoded main parser, more effected USER handler, reduced memory requirements for USER in the process. (16) Updated my e-mail address everywhere I see it. Don't you hate how hard it is to hold the same e-mail for a long time :/ 2.4.8 (1) Fixed a potential buffer overflow (2) Reduced memory requirements in the process of removing the overflow :) Thanks go to barubary for helping me plan a replacement fifo system. (3) Added partially connected listing to BWHO (4) Added killing for partially connected ppl with BKILL (5) Added QUIT command during connection phase (6) Fixed a little bug in ./bncsetup 2.4.6 (1) Recoded encryption, if pass starts with + then it is encrypted, if not then it is plaintext. (2) Added/recoded bncsetup dialog based script, for ease of .conf creation (3) Made /quote BWHO show a little bit more info about who is connected (4) Changed a few prints to help logging, exits are now logged. (5) Added motd support (6) Added /quote HELP (7) Added /quote IDENT to let you change your ident if you have identwd. 2.4.4 (1) New readme file, made example.conf easier to understand (2) Fixed that annoying Bind error thing when bnc is killed. (3) Moved some large varibles out of stack space for speed and securety. (4) Added IP allow lists, to keep out unwanted users (conf file 'A' line) Thanks to White Dragon for this (5) Added encrypted passwords in config file. Thanks again White Dragon (6) Added dynamic Idents on servers that run Identwd. enabled by putting W:1 inside config file. Thanks again White Dragon (gee starting to sound repetative) Also note identwd is coded by White Dragon. 2.4.3 (1) Fixed bug that cropped up in mirc hanging on a /server bnc port pass (2) Fixed all the bugs that were hiding behind the bug above, which unveiled crashing problems when connecting to an irc server. (3) Made a ./configure script to help portability, now compiles just fine on sunos, BSD and linux. Haven't tested it on AIX, please if somebody compiles it on AIX, drop me a word. 2.4.2: (1) Fixed various problems with Vhosts. (2) Fixed unusual crash bug. (3) Added commands VDF and VN. VDF switches Vhost back to the config files default Vhost. VN switches the Vhost to the systems default bypassing config file. (4) Added more verbose output to VIP. (5) Secured up printed data with absolute sizes instead of wasting cpu doing a second size compare.