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README ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please at least SKIM this document before asking questions. In fact, READ IT if you've never successfully set up an eggdrop bot before. PLEASE! READ IT! If you haven't read this file, and ask for help expect to be told to READ the README file first! or rtfm :) Contents 0 Important notice 1 What is Eggdrop? 2 How do I get Eggdrop 2a CVS usage 3 Quick startup 4 Upgrading 4a From a pre-1.3 version to 1.6 4b From an older 1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6 version to a newer one 5 Frequently Asked Questions 1. What do I do if I get the Error "User file not found"? 2. My Eggdrop won't run; It just says "Can't find your hostname!" 3. What the Heck is TCL? 4. My bot dies and the last entry in the logfile is "Received terminate signal". What does that mean and can I prevent it? 5. My compile dies at the last minute with "LD fatal signal 11"! 6. Someone else set up a bot I don't like. Are there any backdoors I can use to take their bot down? 7. What are modules? 8. Can I compile eggdrop without dynamic modules? 8.1 Do I still need to "loadmodule modules"??? 9. Where can I get a precompiled Eggdrop for my computer? 10. I get "Makefile:3 : invalid operator" of some such thing When I try to "make" 11. When I "tclsh scripts/weed c" It barfs chunks at me and dies. 12. I get "ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libtcl80.so.1" not found" or "eggdrop: error in loading shared libraries / libtcl8.1.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" when I try to start my bot. 13. I get a whole pile of "unresolved symbol 'Tcl_AppendResult'" (or some other symbol) when I try to load a module. 6 Setting up a crontab 6a Setting up a crontab using autobotchk 7 Boring legal stuff 8 Mailing list 9 Documentation 10 Obtaining help ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (0) NOTICE Please read this file carefully before trying to set up this bot. Also, make SURE that you select your +n (owner) users wisely! They have 100% access to your bot and account! ONLY GIVE THIS POWER TO SOMEONE YOU TRUST COMPLETELY!! (1) WHAT IS EGGDROP? Eggdrop is an IRC bot, written in C. If you don't know what IRC is, this is probably not whatever you're looking for! Eggdrop, being a bot, sits on a channel and takes protective measures: to keep the channel from being taken over (in the few ways that anything CAN), to recognize banished users or sites and reject them, to recognize privileged users and let them gain ops, etc. One of the more unique features of eggdrop is its "partyline", accessible via DCC chat, which allows you to talk to other people lag-free. Consider it a multi-way DCC chat, or a miniature IRC (complete with channels). You can link up with other bots and expand the partyline until it actually becomes something very much like IRC, in fact. Eggdrop is always being improved and adjusted because there are bugs to be fixed and features to be added (if the users demand them, and they make actually sense). In fact, it existed for several years as v0.7 - v0.9 before finally going 1.0. This version of eggdrop is part of the 1.6 tree. A valiant effort has been made to chase down and destroy bugs. This README file contains information about how to get eggdrop, how to quickly compile the bot, what you may need to do when upgrading from older versions, a list of frequently asked questions about compiling, how to set up a crontab, some boring legal stuff, info about the mailing list (a great place to ask questions, and a good place to report bugs also), some basics about CVS usage and some channels where you might get help with eggdrop. The preliminary documentation is in "eggdrop.doc" and is intended to be read after you have eggdrop compiled and set up. (2) HOW TO GET EGGDROP Before you can compile eggdrop, you need to have Tcl installed on your system. Most systems should have Tcl on them by now -- you can check by trying the command "tclsh". If it works, you will be given a "%" prompt, and you can type "exit" to exit the program. That means Tcl is on your system. If tclsh doesn't load, then Tcl probably isn't on your system, and you will need to ftp it. The best ftp site is: ftp://ftp.scriptics.com/pub/tcl Tcl comes with the Slackware distribution of Linux. HOWEVER, the one that comes on Slackware 3.0 is goofed up and you'll have to re-install it for yourself to get it working. Currently, the 1.6 tree of eggdrop is developed at eggheads.org. You can get the latest version of eggdrop from ftp.eggheads.org. You might try www.eggheads.org for help and information. (2a) CVS USAGE You might obtain the *very latest* version of eggdrop that is still under development by using CVS. CVS means 'Concurrent Versions System' and is a tool for developers to always keep source code up to date. Try 'man cvs' on your shell for more information about CVS ;-) This intended only for users that know a fairly bit about eggdrop. Be aware that the versions of eggdrop that you get by CVS are still being developed, and may be buggy. The Eggheads devteam will in *NO WAY* take any responsibility for whatever might happen to you or your shell if you use a CVS version of eggdrop. To obtain eggdrop over CVS, do as follows: (1) log into your shell (2) type 'export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.eggheads.org:/usr/local/cvsroot' (3) type 'cvs login' (4) press when it asks for a password. (5) in your home dir, type 'cvs checkout eggdrop1.6' (6) in ~/eggdrop1.6, you should have a copy of the latest CVS version of eggdrop. Notes: (1) you can 'cvs logout', but you don't need to. (2) you don't need to go through this whole process every time; if you want to get a CVS version of eggdrop at a later time, you can just 'cd ~/eggdrop1.6' and type 'cvs update -A'. (3) if you experience errors when using 'export', you might be using tclsh as a shell. If so, try using the command 'setenv' instead of 'export': 'setenv CVSROOT :pserver:anonymous@cvs.eggheads.org:/usr/local/cvsroot' (3) QUICK STARTUP #### NOW INCLUDED IN 'INSTALL' - READ IT *AFTER* FINISHING THIS #### (4) UPGRADING (4a) FROM A PRE-1.3 VERSION TO 1.6 #### BACK UP YOUR USERFILE #### We can't re-iterate this enough, if you are upgrading, and you have even a slight possibility of downgrading again later you will HAVE to back up your userfile, or you will lose it. v1.3 of eggdrop radically changed alot of things. There are many major changes between v0.9, v1.0, v1.1 and v1.6 so PAY ATTENTION to this part if you have a v0.9, 1.0 or 1.1 bot already. If you're just starting out, you can skip this section. to 1.6: * If you run sharebots, you will need to upgrade them all at the same time because of the new userfile format. Older bots will be able to link in, but will not get or send a userfile. MAKE A NEW CONFIG FILE from the example, there are some radical extras. from 0.9/1.0 to 1.6: * Just redo the whole thing, absolutely everything has changed including the userfile and config file formats. from 1.1/1.2 to 1.6: * You will likely want to redo the config file, as much as changed. BACK UP!! You will need to run 'tclsh scripts/weed/ c' to convert your userfile from v3 (1.1/1.2) to v4 (1.3/1.4/1.5) (4b) FROM AN OLDER 1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6 VERSION TO A NEWER ONE If you followed the INSTALL file and did a 'make install' (or 'make install DEST=') after 'make', this will be pretty easy. Just upload the new eggdrop1.6.xx.tar.gz file to the home dir of your shell, gunzip and untar it, and type 'cd ~/eggdrop1.6.xx'. Then, type './configure', 'make config' or 'make iconfig', 'make', then kill the bot ('.die' on the partyline, or use 'kill' on the shell) and 'make install' to the same directory your bot is currently in. Then, you can just restart your bot. (5) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (or "Why doesn't this thing work?") 1. WHAT DO I DO IF I GET THE ERROR "USER FILE NOT FOUND"? (1) Run eggdrop with the "-m" option (i.e., "eggdrop -m mybot"). (2) Go to IRC and send "hello" to your bot (i.e., "/msg mybot hello"). (3) You will become an owner on your bot. You can leave the bot running (nobody else will become a master if they say "hello"), but in the future, don't use the "-m" option when running the bot. 2. MY EGGDROP WON'T RUN; IT JUST SAYS "CAN'T FIND YOUR HOSTNAME!" Your machine is set up strangely, and eggdrop can't figure out its network hostname. You can get around this by setting an environment variable called HOSTNAME. In sh or ksh: $ HOSTNAME=myhost.domain.edu $ export HOSTNAME In csh or tcsh: % setenv HOSTNAME myhost.domain.edu It should work after that. You may want to bug your system administrator to set up her /etc/hosts file correctly, or add those above commands to your '.login' file (sh or ksh: '.profile'). 3. WHAT THE HECK IS TCL? Tcl is a scripting language written by John Ousterhout. It's much better than most "in-built" script languages (like the one in ircII) and is meant to be linked with anything needing a script language. So I linked it with eggdrop. The file "tcl-commands.doc" in the eggdrop directory contains a list of the commands added to Tcl by eggdrop. There are also several example scripts in the scripts/ directory, and there are gobs of scripts floating around on the ftp sites if you like working by example (which is typically the best way). 4. MY BOT DIES AND THE LAST ENTRY IN THE LOGFILE IS "RECEIVED TERMINATE SIGNAL". WHAT DOES THAT MEAN AND CAN I PREVENT IT? There's nothing you can do to prevent it. It means the system administrator is killing the eggdrop process. Most of the time, it's an automatic thing that happens when the system is being rebooted, so it's harmless. If you have a crontab running, the bot will get restarted when the system is back online. Occasionally the system administrator will kill the bot manually -- for example, if he/she doesn't want bots running on the system. 5. MY COMPILE DIES AT THE LAST MINUTE WITH "LD FATAL SIGNAL 11"! This happens on Linux machines that have recently been converted to ELF by upgrading to Slackware 3.0. Apparently Slackware 3.0 comes with a non-ELF (a.out) Tcl library, and the compiler doesn't handle that well. (It should give you an error; instead it barfs.) Fixing it is tricky because even if you recompile libtcl.a, the linker will most likely find the "bad" one first, and your work will be in vain. Here's a fix that's been floating around on the eggdrop list: 1. Recompile 'libtcl.a' for yourself, to make sure an ELF librar is created. 2. Copy it into your eggdrop/src directory, naming it 'libtcl2.a'. 3. Edit the Makefile and change the line that says '-L/usr/lib -ltcl' to '-L. -ltcl2'. 4. Recompile eggdrop. Also send hate-mail to the Slackware guy telling him to stop messing up the libraries. He seemed to assume that everyone would still want to compile old-style (a.out) binaries. 6. SOMEONE ELSE SET UP A BOT I DON'T LIKE. ARE THERE ANY BACKDOORS I CAN USE TO TAKE THEIR BOT DOWN? No, there have never been any backdoors and there never will be, so please stop asking. Every once in a while, someone finds a way to exploit a bug in eggdrop, but we fix these bugs as soon as we find out about them. If you want to bring down someone else's bot, you will not have my/our help. 7. WHAT ARE MODULES? Modules are a way of adding extra C code from the bot, much like Tcl scripts, without requiring the bot recompiling, see doc/MODULES for more info. 8. CAN I COMPILE EGGDROP WITHOUT DYNAMIC MODULES? Yes, you can, if ./configure detects that your system CAN'T run modules it will setup 'make' to link the modules in statically for you, you can also choose this option if you can do dynamic modules by typing 'make static'. You can also try to compile dynamic modules on a static-only system by typing 'make eggdrop'. 8.1 DO I STILL NEED TO 'loadmodule modules' ??? YES, when you compile statically, all the modules are linked into the main executable *but* they are not enabled until you use loadmodule to enable then, hence you get nearly the same functionality with static modules as dynamic modules. 9. WHERE CAN I GET A PRECOMPILED EGGDROP FOR MY COMPUTER? It is HIGHLY recommended AGAINST using precompiled Eggdrops from untrusted sources. Eggdrop has been a regular target for hacking and crashing. Distribution of precompiled (binary) versions of Eggdrop are the easiest way of hackers to provide you with the easiest (and most dangerous) way of gaining access to not only your bot, but to your computer account directly. Don't advertise your precompiled eggdrop binary sites on the eggdrop list either =P 10. I GET 'Makefile:3 :invalid operator' OR SOME-SUCH-THING WHEN I TRY TO 'make' Try 'gmake' 11. WHEN I 'tclsh scripts/weed c' IT BARFS CHUNKS AT ME AND DIES :( UPGRADE YOUR TCL, you are probably using tcl 7.5 or earlier, some of the commands in weed require tcl7.6 to run, so either upgrade it, or removing the offending lines from you userfile (those starting with '.' generally) and accept the loss of that data. 12. I get "ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libtcl80.so.1" not found" or "eggdrop: error in loading shared libraries / libtcl8.1.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" when I try to start my bot. './configure' is looking in the wrong place for tcl; it looks like it compiled with one version of tcl and tries to load another. Maybe your sysadmin upgraded tcl and didn't tell you. In that case, you should just need to recompile your bot. Or maybe when upgrading he didn't clean the old version of tcl, and './configure' is looking for the files in the wrong places, or trying to use different versions of tcl.h and libtcl*. Smack your admin and have him install tcl properly ;) Or try to: ./configure --with-tcllib= --with-tclinc= tell configure where to look for the tcl files. try to look for them like: for libtcl: ls /usr/lib/libtcl* ls /usr/local/lib/libtcl* for tcl.h: ls /usr/include/tcl.h ls /usr/local/include/tcl.h If everything else fails, try to install tcl to your home dir ;) (Suggested by dw@Undernet, dw@lixom.nu) 13. I get a whole pile of "Unresolved symbol 'Tcl_AppendResult'" (or some other symbol) when I try to load a modules. POSSIBILITY A: see 12. POSSIBILITY B: Some of the standard libraries have been compiled for static linking only on your machine, you have 3 options: (1) if it's your own machine, recompile TCL using dynamic linking by using './configure --enable-shared' when you configure TCL (not the bot) and then remake, & reinstall (2) if it's not you machine, you make have to resort to 'make static' and 'make sinstall DESTDIR=' to make and install your bot. (3) if you are of a more aggressive sense of mind, go beat the stuffing out of your admin for have lame static libraries :) (6) SETTING UP A CRONTAB Eggdrop has become more stable with time, thanks mostly to people reporting bug details and helping find places where it crashes. However, there are still a -few- places where things aren't perfect. Few if any things in life are. Also, most systems go down from time to time. These things cause your bot to disappear from IRC, and you have to restart it. The eggdrop source file includes a csh script called 'botchk' that will help keep the bot online. It will make the machine check every ten minutes to make sure your bot is still running. To use it, you have to add a line to your crontab. First, edit 'botchk' and change the directory and command line parameters so that it will be able to start up your bot. Then, add this line to your crontab: 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /home/mydir/botchk If you don't want to get emails from cron, put this: 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /home/mydir/botchk >/dev/null 2>&1 Naturally, you need to change the path to the correct path for botchk. If you've never used crontab before, here is a simple way to add that line: Create a new file called 'mycron' and put the above line into it. Then, from your shell prompt, type % crontab mycron That will create a new crontab entry for you, with a line that runs botchk every ten minutes. Botchk will then restart the bot when necessary (and send you email informing you). (6a) SETTING UP A CRONTAB USING AUTOBOTCHK Included with your eggdrop is an eggdrop utility called 'autobotchk'. Using autobotchk is probably the fastest way of creating your botchk and crontabbing it with just a few required steps. To crontab your bot follow the following steps: (1) type 'cp scripts/autobotchk ..' (2) type './autobotchk ' This will hopefully crontab your bot using the default setup. If you want a list of autobotchk options, type './autobotchk'. An example with options would be: ./autobotchk -noemail -5 This would setup crontab to run the botchk every 5 minutes and also to not send you e-mail saying that it restarted your bot. (7) BORING LEGAL STUFF The eggdrop bot is copyright (C) by Robey Pointer. As of January 1997, eggdrop is distributed according to the GNU General Public License. There should be a copy of this license in the file COPYING. If not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. As of eggdrop1.3.28 all changes made by the Eggheads development team to the eggdrop source code and any related files are copyright (C) by Eggheads. The source code will still be distributed according to the GNU General Public License as Robey Pointer did in the past. Releases previous to 1.0m were made using a different licensing scheme. You may, at your option, use the GNU General Public License on those versions (instead of the license packaged with them) with my blessing. For any versions bearing a copyright date of 1997 or later, you have no choice -- you must use the GNU General Public License. The files "match.c", "net.c", and "blowfish.c" are exempt from the above restrictions. "match.c" is original code by Chris Fuller (email: crf@cfox.bchs.uh.edu) and has been placed by him into the public domain. "net.c" is by me and I [who?] also choose to place it in the public domain. "blowfish.c" is by various sources and is in the public domain. All 3 files contain useful functions that could easily be ported to other applications -- the other parts of the bot generally don't. Tcl is by John Ousterhout and is in no way affiliated with eggdrop, and likely has its own set of copyrights and whatnots. There is no warranty, implied or whatever. You use this software at your own risk, no matter what purpose you put it to. You didn't pay for it, so don't expect magic. (8) MAILING LIST There are currently a couple of mailing lists about eggdrop. eggheads@eggheads.org is the one relevant for posts about eggdrop 1.4 and up (and bug fixes, and suggestions, etc). To subscribe to the eggheads mailing list, send email to: eggheads-request@eggheads.org In the body of the message, put "subscribe eggheads"; or go to http://scrambled.eggheads.org/mailman/listinfo/eggheads ### DO NOT SEND ROBEY EMAIL ABOUT EGGDROP ### Robey is no longer developing the eggdrop code so don't bother emailing him. If you have a serious problem, email the eggdrop mailing list and it will get to the coders. Please, before posting to this list, see what things are like, and when you do post, read over your post for readability, spelling, and grammar mistakes. Obviously, we're all human (or are we?) and we all make mistakes (heck, look at this document! ;). Open discussion and debate is integral to change and progress. Don't flame others over mere form (grammar and spelling), or even substantive issues either for that matter. Please read and follow the mailing list rules. The eggheads@eggheads.org maillist is not dedicated to those all too common questions we have all seen on other lists... for example: "Why does my bot say this: Please edit your config file." "How do I telnet my bot?" "Where do I get eggdrop for windows??????" etc.. Bug reports, technical questions, your thoughts or suggestions on new features being added to Eggdrop, things that should be removed or fixed, amazing problems that even stump the guru's, etc... are what we want to see here. (9) DOCUMENTATION We're trying to keep the documentation up to date. If you feel that anything is missing here, or that anything should be added etc, please email eggheads@eggheads.org about it, thank you. (10) OBTAINING HELP There is currently no uniform channel in existence to support eggdrop. At one time, such channels did exist, but they most often deteriorate into a vanity channel, where no one is willing to help. However, we'll list a few places here where you *might* get help. Note though that we are not responsible for those channels, or necessarily run those channels ourselves. Undernet - #eggdrop, #eggheads EFNet - #egghelp, #eggfaq IRCNet - #eggdrop However, if you are going to ask some questions there, we can give you some important advices: - don't ask if you may ask or anyone awake, just ask and wait - don't msg people without their agreement, if they know help and have time, they will answer. - don't repeat yourself. This will result in being kicked - don't use !!, colours or only CAPITAL letters. If there are any serious places that should be added, let us know. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright (C) 1997 Robey Pointer Copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001 Eggheads Development Team