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Kakofonia (Cacophony) is a place for the best sounds from movies, TV serials and commercials seekers. Just click on the menu on the left and you will be able to listen to the most famous quotes recorded in WAV and MP3 files. Go to POLSKIE (Polish sound files) or to ZAGRANICZNE (non-Polish) and download some really cool sounds.

If you have any remarks I would be very grateful if you send me them. Remember to come back to Kakofonia from time to time, because new sounds are being added constantly. Think about adding Kakofonia to your Favorites / Bookmarks by pressing Ctrl+D.

All files on this page has been compressed with Fraunhofer IIS (MPEG Layer-3) technology. To play these files you need a MPEG-3 codec. If you can't play compressed files you will have to install this codec (download, 295 kb).

PS. English version of Kakofonia is still under construction and only this page has been translated. If you found it useful encourage me to harder work on English version by sending me an e-mail. 





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