LinuxFailSafe High-Availability Seminar

College Hill Library
3705 W. 112th Street
Westminster, Colorado 80030

Friday, 31 March, 2000
9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Welcome and Introductions Volker Wiegand, SuSE
Senior Manager, Strategic Alliances
Linux-HA background and history Alan Robertson, SuSE
High-Availability Architect
Linux FailSafe - Goals of Open Sourcing Simon Patience, SGI
Director - Core Linux
FailSafe Functionality and Architecture Mayank Vasa, SGI
MTS and Linux FailSafe Gatekeeper
Rhino Infrastructure and the FailSafe GUI Rebecca Underwood, SGI
Manager, Desktop and Systems Administration Software
Open Development issues Lars Marowsky-Brée, SuSE
Senior Developer, HA
Relationships to other Linux-HA projects Alan Robertson
LinuxFailSafe and the Community Volker Wiegand

Attendees List
Name Email
Alan Robertson
Volker Wiegand
Lars Marowsky-Brée
Simon Patience
Mayank Vasa
Rebecca Underwood
Curtis Anderson
Tim Burke
Chuck Rogers
Chintan Vaishnav
Bhavesh Davda
Bruce Evans
Karl Volz
Modhumita Ghosh
Sean Reifschneider
David Daniel
G R Sparling
Marc Christensen
Ed Orcutt
Mark Schlott
Chris Wright
Mike Wangsmo
Phil Copeland
Dale Hawkins
Chuck Morrison
Kevin Gilford
Helen Wong