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Bug Reports

Problem Report Database

Current FreeBSD problem reports are tracked using the GNATS database.

A FreeBSD problem report (PR) is not necessarily a bug with FreeBSD itself. In some cases it may be reporting a mistake in the documentation (which could be a simple typo). In other cases it may be a 'wishlist' item that the submitter would like to see incorporated in to FreeBSD. In many cases a PR contains a port which has been prepared for inclusion in the FreeBSD Ports and Packages collection.

Problem reports start 'open', and are closed as the issue they report is resolved. In addition, each PR is assigned a unique tracking ID to ensure that it is not lost. Many FreeBSD changes include the tracking ID of the PR that prompted the change.

Problem reports may also be submitted to the development team using the send-pr(1) command on a FreeBSD system, or by sending an email message to Please note that send-pr is preferred since messages sent to the mailing list are not tracked as official problem reports, and may get lost in the noise!

Before submitting a problem report, you might find it useful to read the Writing FreeBSD Problem Reports article. This article describes when you should submit a problem report, what you are expected to include in one, and what the best way to submit your problem report is. Some useful background information is also contained in the Problem Report Handling Guidelines article.