How Premier Services Steals AOL Usernames and Passwords

  I'm going to go in to great detail on this. In a nutshell Premier Services creates a fake AOL look-a-like web page, and then spams it to AOL email addresses. The spam claims AOL lost it's customer information and needs the user to re-input his username and password. It offers the user a free month of Internet access for correctly entering in his infornmation in to the provided HTML link. The information is then emailed off to some web based account that eventually forwards in to the the waiting hands of Premier Services. Stolen AOL accounts and copies of the web page were found on the hard drives of Rodona Garst, Shary Valentine, and Lin Valentine. You can download the actual HTML source created and used by Premier Services by clicking here. The HTML source is archived in tar and gunzip format. To download it you may need to right click on the link and then left click on "Save as".
  In all I recovered over 1300 AOL usernames and passwords. I turned them over to AOL security along with Premier Services contact information. Premier Services refers to the act of stealing AOL usernames and passwords as "fishing". It is referred to several times in the ICQ chat logs between Shary Valentine (Aspen) and Shannon Redmond. Fishing is also referenced in the chat logs with the symbol "<><".