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Michelle's "Truck-Stuck" +
Melanie's "Frozen Lake"

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"Michelle's Offroad-Adventures"
(including the "Jeep-Stuck" and
the "Peugeot-Stuck")

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Michelle and Melanie in
"The 2nd pedal pumping stuck" video
(including Michelle's 2nd pedal pumping stuck
and Melanie in "The Rabbit-Trap")

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Michelle and Tina in "2 stuck 4 u"!
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car stuck girl


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We hope you all enjoy the beautiful summer!

Just to let you know that we are still alive,
there are some
new photos in our gallery.

We are currently very busy
working on some new improvements
for this homepage.

We will be back soon with more news!

spinning tires


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Michelle and Tina in
"The Lake-Stuck"
+ Michelles fun-stuck in her Audi!

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girls stuck in the mud


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muddy girls


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I'm stuck

All our videos are now available as VHS NTSC tapes, too! We also increased the picture quality of all our DVD's!!!



My name is Michelle and I like to get stuck in mud!

Yes, you are right. You think this is a little bit odd? Well, it all began on a Saturday evening a few month after my 18th birthday: It was January and I had to work till morning in a disco.

It was very early in the morning so that nobody was on the streets. I promised my friend Diana to bring her home. Unfortunately (???) it was very icy and snowy this night and the streets were frozen and slippery. On the main roads that was no problem, but Diana lived in a little street somewhere in the suburbs and there the streets were full of snow and ice. In the end I stood in front of Dianas house to bring her home safely (which was not easy with our high-heels ;-)) and I didn´t get from the place. My old VW didn´t move one meter. I was totally stuck ....!!! Diana tried hardly to push me out there and after hours of spinning it works! Well, but this is a long story ... . If you are interested, please have a look on the site "About me"!

But actually I enjoyed this "adventure" very much!

Since this time I found out about different other funny things: I got stuck in mud and in snow for several times and often had problems on frozen streets. What a pity that I did not have photos or videos of it. What do you think?

In the last year I found a guy who is also very interested in these topics. In fact he is a great fan of "helpless girls stuck in mud" ...!!! He showed me that there are a lot of people in the internet (and a lot of nice stories, too) who are also fans of this!

Therefore we recently decided to share our experience (and photos, stories, etc.) with you. In future I`d like to make some great stuck videos with me and maybe together with some of my girlfriends, too !!!

I hope you like it!


Hi Guys!!!


Last Sunday (2nd Feb) I placed my homepage in the internet. So yesterday it has got its one-week-anniversary!

During this week the interest for my page was so big - I never thought of in the beginning! Thank you very much! It was wonderful to receive your compliments and your nice emails!

On the opposite I should have learned intensively for very important exams in March, but I could hardly concentrate on this. Together with my friend we were learning the new software we bought to cut the video clips, to convert them into NTSC, etc and we had a lot of trouble with the computer . . .

For testing our new software we used the Audi Quattro video and it is nearly finished now. It is now 20 minutes long!!! And we are even planning to enlarge it . . . (depends on how much time we still have for the release!). This video is now on its way to a very nice guy in the USA who wants to test it for us. As you may know here in Germany we have got PAL as TV-standard. In the USA and in Japan this TV-standard is NTSC. We just want to make sure that our "produced" DVD (NTSC) works properly on TV’s in the USA. As soon as we receive the "OK" we will finish the Audi video and starts working on the BMW video (we have to cut it and work it over with the new software, etc.).

Nevertheless I think that next weekend we can show you screenshots and tell you further details . . .!

I hope you can still wait till then and have got a little bit mercy with me …

I am really busy to finish the videos and to upgrade the homepage and I will not forget you!



     Photos and Preview of video 001!


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Oh no !!! I´m stuck in the mud !!mud !!mud !!mud !!mud !!mud !!mud !!mud !!mud !!


     Packaging of video 001!

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packaging of video 001!

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     My video 001 is now available and on stock!!!

Attention! The shipping and handling costs are cheaper now!!!

Hello dear Stuck-Lovers!!!


Just an hour ago I was at the post-office and checked out the prices and conditions again. And I found a way to reduce the handling and shipping costs!!! Isn't it a good message!!!

To keep yourself informed please click here!

If you have already payed for your order, I will find a way to give you the money back! No problem!

The first videos are now on the way to their receivers!



     new photos

Alaaf and Helau!

This is what we say in Germany during carnival
instead of "Hello" . . .
Yes, as you know from last Thursday (27th) till
today it was party-time in Germany. Carnival!
People has got funny costumes on and having fun!
I made party, too, of course - but now I am "back
in business".
Regarding "business": On the weekend I (or better:
we) also filmed and finished our first custom video.
And (in my opinion) it was a great success! But we
still have to wait what the customer will say about it.

We used this occasion to make some photos and a further video clip for our own purposes. Just have a look at the pictures and tell me what do you think about them? Would this be worth a second video? We have yet started to prepare the second video and we always appreciate your feedback and your suggestions! (... and right now we can promise you that: you will see a great mud-stuck clip with the BMW ...!)


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     discrete packaging

Our packaging is always discrete!

But we created a special "software design" for you.
This is how it looks like!

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     Video 002 is on stock!!!

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Dear Visitors, Fans and Friends!


Today I celebrate my "2-month-anniversary" with this homepage!

Though this homepage is still very "young" I already received some emails with your congratulations to this site. Some people wrote me that they really like this site and I should go on with this! Other people told me their suggestions to improve it or told me their wishes what to add to this site. Yes, I would definitely go on with this site and please be sure that I am constantly working to improve it. I appreciate your suggestions and wishes very much and I take every of them seriously.

Some others let me know that they have problems to see the site properly with their browsers. Yes, I know. There might occur problems when you e. g. use older versions of Netscape. This is a problem I now know for longer - temporarily I tried to solve it with the above link "If you have got problems with this site - click here" but I am still deliberating on a better solution (e. g. to create a new navigation bar on the left side). Thank you, too! And please let me also know in future when you have problems to browse this site!

Also some of you emailed me: "Hey, I like the stuff you are showing - but when can I see more???" I am of course very, very glad and happy that you like what you see here! Even if I am sometimes a little bit "slow" - I don't forget to update this homepage. I promise! This should not be a "dead" site!
But please consider that this is not my profession - my boy friend and me do this for fun because we like what we do! My boy friend is a great fan of seeing nice girls stuck in mud or snow … (but he doesn't like to get stuck himself). And I like to get stuck myself! Especially since I know my boyfriend and since he is always with me when I get stuck - so I don't have to be too afraid!

Some people asked me either if I am doing this only of commercial purpose: NO! Please believe me: my boyfriend and me wouldn't do this if we are not really into this topic! We really love what we do! But what's better than to make his hobby to his "profession"? That of course would be great. But we are both no dreamers. We are both students and we are learning "real" jobs. But if we can earn some "pocket money" with doing our hobby beside our studies - that would help!
Ok, 49,00 Euro for a video is not "pocket money" - but please consider that we have a lot of costs, too. Sometimes I have the feeling that some people think one could get rich only with selling this stuff. Well, that might be. I can imagine, too, that other professional homepages can live from the money they earn - but to be concrete: We are in contact with a very, very nice and faithfully fan-community. The majority of it comes from the United States and the rest comes from the United Kingdom and from Germany. But the community who shares this preference, this hobby with us is only small. E. g. the fan-community for the pedal-pumping-stuff is much, much bigger!

Well, maybe we should deliberate to start doing pedal-pumping, too!

Maybe, but in first line we have to do our studies and after this there comes our personal "stuck-hobby" first!

Regarding "updating the homepage": My boy friend is "the man behind this homepage" - he take care about the "technical stuff", he makes the photos and the videos …! Unfortunately he had a big crash last weekend during an American football game. A finger on his right hand is broken now and in gypsum and his left hand is bad injured, too. So he can not film at the moment. That will probably delay further photos and videos for some weeks.
So please forgive us when we are not able to update the homepage every week with new photos! But though it will be worth to have a look here sometimes!

Some of you are still waiting for the stories I "announced" - Yes, I know and I am sorry that you have to wait for so long now! To be honest: I guess you have to wait still a while (maybe until the end of April) because I am so busy at the moment with writing my dissertation and sitting in front of my PC the whole day that I am not in the mood to write long stories in my spare time, too! But they will come - I promise!

To come to an end now: I want to thank all of you for visiting my homepage and for all the nice emails you wrote! THANK YOU!

I really hope that you will like the new video and the new photos we made!

Please enjoy this homepage and have fun!



     Hello together! We are back again!!!

Yesterday we made some new pictures.

To see them just click here!